Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast episode one


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Star-Fall Season One Episode One. 

We first meet the GM Kevin C Mason who talks about the start of Star-Fall in a brief overview.

Audio Drama: The Arrival

Erik Keys a commander of the Warzodian Customs Fleet (they only have two ships) tries to save his ship and crew from certain death as the Church of the Illumination battle fleet arrives and shows no sign of wanting to just have tea.

Audio Drama: Invasion Plans

In “Invasion Plans,” we meet Targon Wells, the commander of the invasion fleet, and his advisor Ze Tra’zel, an alien with psychic powers. Targon and Ze discuss their plans to invade the peaceful planet Wazod, ignoring a warning from Ze about the dangers of the planet’s forests, which are home to large creatures.

Player introductions

We meet the Player Characters who will become known as “The Fifth Crew”.

  • Arkady is a bartender who also is a knowledge broker
  • Terry a male escort by trade who is learning about life
  • Dave Hammerhands, From a warlike planet called War-Med (And happens to be Terry’s Father)
  • Reza: an octopod surgeon who often has too much to drink
  • Gerry: A 7-foot bulky lizard who takes care of Terry has considered his limbs expendable (They grow back)
  • Atrem: An alien is known as G’Dar.
  • Primtel: a four-armed Glipan who will metamorph into their adult form later in life.

Faux Commercials

Rocket Bobs used Spacecraft

Norkek and Hedda

humorous conversation between two aliens, Norkek and Hedda, who misunderstand human culture and confuse strip clubs for breeding dens.

Fifth Crew tries to escape!

The fifth crew tries to escape the prison cell but due to some very bad dice rolls fall to their doom. Will they survive? Find out in S1E2

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