Episode Six Star-Fall

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The skilled space fighter pilot had been in pursuit of the escaping space shuttle for hours. The shuttle belonged to the enemy planet, War-Zod, and the pilot had been tasked with intercepting it before it could flee into the depths of space. As she closed in on the shuttle, her heart racing with adrenaline, she prepared to take the shot that would destroy the ship and its crew.

Suddenly, her commanding officer’s voice crackled through her earpiece, ordering her to stand down. Though her instinct was to continue the pursuit, she knew better than to disobey a direct order. Reluctantly, she eased off the accelerator and watched as the shuttle grew smaller and smaller in the distance.

Little did she know, the shuttle was piloted by the leader of a small but determined crew, known only as “the fifth crew.” Despite their relative obscurity, the crew was just as cunning and resourceful as their more infamous counterparts. As the shuttle escaped into the vastness of space, the leader of the fifth crew, Terry, breathed a sigh of relief. They had narrowly avoided capture, but she knew that they would continue to fight another day, until they too were feared and respected throughout the galaxy.

Special Thanks to our Voice Actors 

  • Rachael Compton as the Fighter Pilot
  • Charlotte: Felinus Neven Luxury hotels 
  • Jordan King-Lacroix As Norkek and Hedda 

Short episode this week as I have a ton of editing to do! 

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