Star-Fall RPG Podcast Season 1 Episode 8

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Star-Fall Episode 8

The Fifth Crew had been on the run for days, trying to escape the clutches of the Church of Illumination. They had heard rumours of a notorious pirate, Captain Price, who had managed to evade the authorities for years. They knew that if they could book passage on his vessel, they could disappear into the blackness of space and start a new life.

Captain Price was not an easy man to find, but they finally tracked him down to a small asteroid base on the edge of the galaxy. The crew was nervous as they approached the base, knowing that they were about to deal with one of the most dangerous pirates in the galaxy.

As they made their way through the dimly lit corridors of the base, they encountered several other pirates, including Lava, Peg Leg Stu, and Anafrasa. These pirates were not to be trifled with, but they seemed to trust Captain Price, so the crew felt they could trust them as well.

When they finally met with Captain Price, they were surprised at how calm and collected he was. He listened to their request for passage and agreed to take them on board his vessel, provided they could pay the hefty price he demanded.

The negotiations were going well when suddenly, the base shook violently. The crew looked out of the window and saw a massive explosion in space. It was the Church of the Illumination, a fanatical religious cult that had been pursuing them for months. They had finally found them.

Captain Price barked orders at his crew, telling them to prepare the ship for launch. The crew scrambled to get on board, as the base was rocked by a series of explosions. Captain Price expertly piloted the ship out of the asteroid field, avoiding debris and laser fire from the enemy ships.

As they escaped into the blackness of space, the crew looked back at the base, now engulfed in flames. They knew that they had narrowly escaped death, and that they owed their lives to the skill and bravery of Captain Price and his crew.

  • Captian Price commands his ship out of The Thicket to escape the church of the Illumination forces. 
  • Close encounters with T’Lee a mutant with an odd diet 
  • Dave tries to make friends 
  • Terry and Primtel have a conflict 
  • Two new members are added to the cast 

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