Episode Nine Season 1 of Star-Fall actual play podcast

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In this episode, the players try to negotiate passage to the planet Helios and things go south when the Church of the Illumination makes that negotiation tough with a counteroffer. 

This is a longer episode, however, I do feel that you are going to like it. The later parts get exciting as the players start fighting their way out of the hangar to the space station. 

As the Game Master of Star-Fall Actual Play, I faced a challenging situation during a recent episode when the players encountered a powerful enemy that they were not equipped to defeat. The enemy in question was a heavily-armoured creature that was resistant to most forms of attack, and the players quickly realized that their weapons and abilities were ineffective against it.

As a GM, my priority was to keep the game fun and engaging, while also ensuring that the players did not face a TPK. To achieve this, I had to think creatively and come up with a solution that would allow the players to escape the encounter, while also maintaining the tension and excitement of the game.

Luckily I remember why Turbo Weasels are so powerful. They Kill Robots.

Star-Fall RPG podcast EP9


  • Why Turbo weasels are powerful 
  • What is an “Uber Skrupnasty”
  • Why it is a bad idea to attack Captain Price 

Star-Fall RPG podcast EP9 is one of my favourite RPG episodes so far.

Check out this episode!

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