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Star-Fall Resistance Comic Page 1

If you like the comic you will love the podcast!

Page 1 of the star-Fall science fiction comic

I always wanted to create comics. However, life always seemed to have other plans. COVID had me home a lot and I figured this would be a good time to start writing and drawing the comic.

When I am running a game I tend to really fill out my NPCs. And like most RPG games, the players leave them behind. So this time I thought that it would be a good idea to write their story.

Star-Fall Resistance is a parallel story. You may notice your favourite Star-Fall characters from the podcast in the background or sometimes interacting with the comic. But just like real life they are unaware they are part of someone else’s story.

Sci-Fi comic by Kevin C Mason RpG comic

RPG podcast

You may notice some errors in the comic. I have really bad ADHD and Dyslexia. So as much as I would love to pay an editor spelling errors are just going to have to stay until later. The danger is not posting something that has an error but never posted because it is not perfect. Mistakes can be fixed, perfection is unattainable.

My comments on the side will try to give more insight into the characters without giving too much away.

Jedter is a Glippan, a species that can be best described as Fish Ants. They are extremely loyal to their friends, but that is nothing compared to their loyalty to their Queen.

Glippan goes through a metamorphosis later in life that can have drastic effects on their body.

RPG podcast comic

There will be a few links and ads you will see in the comic that are out of date. We have moved the website a few times. While I can fix the links…. it is on my to-do list.

Star-Fall Actual Play Comic

in the Star-Fall Comic the ships do not have “Deflector shields” (Most of them anyway). So ships that do battle will use large panels like a shield used by a knight.

The idea is to move the shield in the way of the incoming missile or laser. Commanders ship WZ-4 has those panels on the side. In battle, they will rotate to whatever side their enemy is on.

The Illuminist ship has the shield in the lower position.

Star-Fall Actual Play comic. Church of the Illumination fleet invades the planet Warzod

I need to point out that the Church of the Illumination is not a real religion.

Captain Keys talks about invaders -Star-Fall the actual play podcast comic

Chapter 2 Is on its way.

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