About Star-Fall

Star-Fall Sci-Fi RPG Podcast that began as an experimental game using the GURPS system. (Now uses a heavily modified version of OpenD6 system) The orginal game takes place aboard a spaceship traveling between Earth and Mars as the players investigate a mysterious wormhole. The party is accompanied by robots and AI, which are on the verge of going insane due to issues with their original code. Throughout the game, players encounter aliens, engage in interstellar battles, and ultimately save the universe. However, the game’s outcome left the creator’s mind processing potential future scenarios, such as what would happen if all the AI went insane simultaneously or if a new empire was formed that relied on robots.

Star-Fall Sci-Fi RPG Podcast

Twenty years later, the creator is still running Star-Fall in new gaming groups, with player characters often becoming NPCs or mentioned in the game’s lore for subsequent groups. The creator later became interested in podcasting and created the Star-Fall podcast. The podcast follows the adventures of “The Fifth Crew” (Seasons 1-3), and the creator had a great time recording until COVID-19 hit. The pandemic, coupled with players moving out of state and the creator’s ADHD, made it challenging to continue the podcast.

Star-Fall Sci-Fi RPG Podcast Reboot

The creator’s ADHD makes it difficult to keep track of six or more players online, making in-person recordings preferable. Despite the obstacles, the creator is starting again with a new business, MacMason, as a sponsor for the show. Star-Fall II, or season four, will feature a new cast of players due to distance but will continue the story parallel to the previous seasons. Star-Fall Sci-Fi RPG Podcast story still is being written and far from over.

JackMonkey Games

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