Episode Seven Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

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The Fifth Crew had been on the run from the Church of the Illumination, a powerful religious organization that had been hunting them down for months. In a desperate attempt to evade their pursuers, they had taken refuge in the notorious asteroid pirate base, The Thicket. However, their relief at finding a hiding place was short-lived when they realized they would have to deal with the pirates and the G’dar Mob, known as The Defenders of He-Har-Din, who controlled the area.

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The crew was on edge as they landed on the asteroid, knowing that any misstep could reveal their location and put them in danger. The Defenders of He-Har-Din were quick to make contact with the newcomers, using their formidable psi powers to scan their thoughts and intentions. The Fifth Crew did their best to hide their true motives, hoping to gain the trust of the G’dar Mob and avoid any conflict.

Despite their initial concerns, the crew found an unexpected ally in the form of Lava, a skilled sensor operator and con artist who had been living on The Thicket for years. Lava’s knowledge of the base and its inhabitants proved invaluable as the crew tried to navigate the treacherous waters of pirate politics and criminal activity.

As they spent more time on The Thicket, the Fifth Crew began to realize that their situation was more complicated than they had anticipated. The Church of the Illumination was not the only threat they faced, and they would have to work with The Defenders of He-Har-Din and the pirates if they wanted to survive. The crew hoped that their tenuous alliances would hold long enough for them to find a way out of their predicament and continue their fight against the Church.

In this episode, we have promos from all sorts of other podcasts we ask for you to check them out. 

Trivia: Underbelly refers to an Australian True Crime series called Underbelly. 

  • Norkek and Hedda think that Monogamy is a game 
  • Rocket Bob commercial 
  • The Crew lands on the thicket 
  • Promos and Star-Fall Ads 
  • Atrium gets a look inside a mind construct known as a fractal 

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