RPG Cast Audition

At the moment we are still gathering auditions for the Star-Fall II voice Acting and RPG cast. This is a long process as I have to listen to a lot of audio files. The Voice acting audition is often very clear-cut. The voice actors either have what I am looking for in a role or not (often not a reflection of the skill of the voice actor) However the RPG cast is going to be a little more difficult.

The Audition

This is how it is going to work. We are going to have two one-shot RPG games. The players will be given pre-generated characters and will be asked to play one adventure. We will then take notes on the various players and make a decision on who would make a great cast member.

The biggest problem with the audition process is having to pick people to stay on as cast members. If I had my way I would let everyone play (assuming they get along with the other player) but with a podcast, I have to pick folks based on other criteria. (Hell if you don’t become a cast member you are most likely welcome around my personal gaming table)

Voice Acting VS Player cast

So what is the difference between the voice-acting cast and the player cast? The biggest difference is that the voice acting cast does not need to meet up in person. Most of the voice actors from Season One and Season Two of Star-Fall live on the other side of the planet. (Planet Earth that is … just in case you were wondering)

RPG Player Cast

The player cast does require a different kind of commitment. The plan is to meet once a fortnight. We will most likely record at my good friend’s bookshop. (Book shops are great environments for recording). The plan is to have 6-10 recording sessions.

Unlike Voice acting where every word is scripted (We allow and encourage improv a little bit) the Player cast is totally improv with some guidance from the GM to reach a particular story end.

Unlike most roleplaying games where the players have total control, recording for an actual play podcast is a little different. GM has a little more control over the personalities of the player characters (Mostly to suit the story) and will edit the show to remove side chatter and pop culture references that do not fit within the Star Fall universe.

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